At ADEUNIS RF's origin,

ADEUNIS RF (*) was founded in 1993 by Hervé Vincent, who is still CEO of the company today.

A Catalogue offering, three product ranges

ADEUNIS RF's development is currently based on three evenly balanced product ranges:

  • Radio transmission modules designed for incorporation into conventional electronic equipment.
  • Finished products ("off the shelf" products, also called "ready to use" solutions), tested, packaged and certified for pairing with customer solutions.
  • Wireless, hands-free, multiuser audio conference systems with noise filtering and no fixed base unit.

A long-term Industrial strategy

Essentially an industrial company, ADEUNIS RF constantly invests in equipment, research and production tools, ensuring it keeps up with technological developments.

International scope

ADEUNIS RF has had an international presence since 2005, through a network of European, then worldwide, distributors.

Customer focussed culture, values shared by all

A "customer" focussed business culture designed to develop relationships of trust that are sustainable and lasting, expressed by five company values shared by all our employees:

  • Customer awareness
  • A truthful spirit
  • Respect for the person
  • A desire for progress
  • Team spirit

And finally, innovation, quality, respect and environmental responsibility are also values promoted by ADEUNIS RF and inform its choices.

Radio Expertise, ADEUNIS RF's core business

Half of ADEUNIS RF's workforce is composed of engineers working in the R&D centre. Experts in radio, digital engineering and signal processing, ADEUNIS RF's R&D engineers are of a very high calibre.

Custom capability

Alongside its standard offering, ADEUNIS RF has the intellectual capacity (expertise, knowledge & know-how) and hardware capacity (research prototypes & specialized equipment) to design custom radio solutions, perfectly adapted to customers' specific needs.


ADEUNIS RF in brief

  • A privately owned, 100% independent, industrial company.
  • An innovative company with strong technological expertise.
  • Core business: the design, manufacture and marketing of exclusively wireless radio transmission systems (produces over 500,000 products per year).
  • Positioning: European specialist in radio frequency transmission systems developed from the latest technologies on the market and complying with the standards in force.
  • Holder of European and international patents.
  • A company open to the latest technology and innovation.

 (*) RF : « radio frequency ».